Daniel Agi | Flöte
Carl Rosman | Klarinette
Noriaki Mori | Saxophon
Rie Takeuchi | Saxophon
Yuka Yamazaki | Saxophon
Saki Tobayama | Melodica
Dirk Rothbrust | Percussion
Rie Watanabe | Percussion

Youth Brass Band NRW
Martin Schädlich | Leitung

Yuya Honda
No.0 From East and From West (Fanfare) (1999/2018)
Bearbeitung für Ching-Dong Band und Brassband von Johannes Meures

Johannes Meures
Martins Marsch (2019)
für Ching-Dong Band und britische Brassband

Yuya Honda
Cheerio (1999/2018)
Bearbeitung für Ching-Dong Band und britische Brassband von Johannes Meures

keine Pause | Ende gegen 11:30

Gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW und unterstützt durch die Japan Foundation und Arts Council Tokyo


Ching-Dong bands were a kind of musical advertising column, groups of street musicians who would sing advertising jingles with memorable rhythms and simple melodies to notify pedestrians of the opening of new stores and sales in Japanese cities. The composer Yuya Honda, who died in 2004 at a painfully early age, ennobled this genuinely urban musical culture and made it an art form. One member of his band was the percussionist Rie Watanabe, who lives in Cologne today and is one of the co-founders of Travel Musica, aiming to keep Honda’s music alive and continuing its legacy in new compositions and projects. A musical open-air spectacle with the character of a street festival.