Tony Allen | drums
Jeff Mills | electronics, drum machine
Jean-Philippe Dary | keyboards

keine Pause | Ende gegen 22:30


Two musical personalities could not be more different: on the one hand, there is Tony Allen, born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1938 and the drummer of the legendary Fela-Kuti-Band Africa ’70, one of the founders of Afrobeat. Then there is Jeff Mills, born in Detroit in 1963, one of the first to develop Detroit Techno at the end of the 1980s, then going on to make a name for himself as an experimental sound artist. In December 2016, the two first met at the club New Morning in Paris – and sparks immediately went flying: Mills’ crunchy noises from the digital sound-kit met the grooves of Allen’s drums, rooted deep in Africa, and bridges were built between the analogous world of the drummer and the digital cosmos of the master of electronics.