Roman Pfeifer | Konzept und Musik
Luisa Fernanda Alfonso | Tanz
Linda Nordström | Tanz
Timm Roller | E-Gitarre
Rie Watanabe | Percussion
Kerim Karaoglu | selbstspielende Instrumente
Florian Zwißler | Synthesizer
Jan Baumgart | Klangregie
Nicolas Kretz | Lichtregie

Roman Pfeifer
Terrain vague (2019)
eine temporäre Situation für E-Gitarre, Synthesizer, Schlagzeug, selbstspielende Instrumente, Tanz, Elektronik und Licht

keine Pause | Ende gegen 20:30

Gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW


Terrain vague is a piece like a city: people move through it, stay, create their own ambiance within the given structure. Instruments play themselves, automatically taking on all the useful and repetitive activities, unfolding their special machine poetry. All the essential interactions, however, take place face to face, playfully and freely. In the group of protagonists, individual wishes for fun, dance, conversation, artful living – and perhaps a jointly designed work of art – are fulfilled.