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Sun Ra Arkestra
Marshall Allen | Leitung

keine Pause | Ende gegen 20:30


They have landed! Since the 1950s, the musicians’ collective which has gathered around the Afro-futuristic prophet Sun Ra proclaims his cosmic message via eccentric performances and innumerable recordings. The high priest may have left the experimental ark of musicians for Saturn as early as 1993, but from there, he maintains direct contact with band leader Marshall Allen, keeping his vision alive and kicking. Now in his ninety-fifth life on planet Earth, Allen and the eleven-piece space orchestra meander energetically from Big-Band Swing to Psychedelic Rock to Free Jazz; borne aloft by a strong saxophone section, the characteristic vocals of Tara Middleton and a generous smattering of electronic retro sounds. Whether Sodom and Gomorra, a party with angels and devils, or interstellar veneration of the deity – however you choose to describe the lovingly bizarre stage rituals of this congregation of nearly sixty years in its flamboyant costumes, one thing is clear: when traveling in space, it’s best not to go alone. So stick up your antennae and go back to the future!