Lisa Kuhnert | Violine
Mark Lorenz Kysela | Saxophon
Andrea Nagy | Klarinette, Bassklarinette
Adam Ambarzumjan | Klarinette, Bassklarinette
Markus Hein | Klavier
Olga Wien | Klavier
Elena Tzavara | Regie, Choreographie
Elisabeth Vogetseder | Bühne, Kostüme
Guillaume Hulot | Regie, Choreographie

Georges Aperghis
Rotkäppchen (2001)
Musiktheater nach dem Märchen von Charles Perrault
Kompositionsauftrag der KölnMusik (2001)

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Gefördert durch Kulturstiftung des Bundes und Kuratorium KölnMusik e.V.

ACHT BRÜCKEN gemeinsam mit dem JOiN – Junge Oper im Nord Stuttgart

Contrary to popular belief, Little Red Riding Hood is not the literary child of the Brothers Grimm, but of the Frenchman Charles Perrault. Georges Aperghis used Perrault’s tale as the model for this musical theatre version of the popular folk fairy-tale. In a new production of “Junge Oper im Nord” from Stuttgart, six musicians play, sing, accompany and illustrate the action, constantly changing roles. The music for the turbulent horror story is quite complex, but even unfamiliar quarter-tone intervals make sense – in a child-friendly, self-explanatory way – in the direct context of the action on stage. Anyone who grew up with the Brothers Grimm’s collection of fairy-tales may look forward to a surprising finale.