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Raschèr Saxophon Quartett

Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
François-Xavier Roth | Dirigent

Jean-Féry Rebel
Les Élémens (1737–38)
Simphonie nouvelle für Orchester

Bernhard Gander
Evil Elves: Level Eleven (2020)
für Saxophonquartett und Orchester
Kompositionsauftrag des Gürzenich-Orchesters Köln


Igor Strawinsky
Le Sacre du printemps (1910–13)
Bilder aus dem heidnischen Russland in zwei Teilen

Gürzenich-Orchester Köln

Flaring Italian passion, tempered by French reticence and delicacy – thus a contemporary praised the composer Jean-Féry Rebel. Impossible to think that he referred to the beginning of the suite Les Élémens of 1737: here, glaring dissonances between all the notes of the scale symbolize the chaos before creation.
A far larger scandal than this artful confusion was caused in 1913 by the first performance of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Le Sacre du printemps. It was precipitated not only by the heathen subject and its choreographic implementation, but also by the “barbaric” rhythms of the music. Between chaos and barbarianism, the Austrian tattoo and Death Metal fan Bernard Gander should feel right at home. “Melody and harmony are here two weedy sisters crushed by the chain wheels of a tank named Rhythm,” one critic wrote about his composition Cold Cadaver With Thirteen Scary Scars. Presumably, his new work Evil Elves will not be much more delicate…