Christian Dierstein | Schlagzeug

WDR Sinfonieorchester
Brad Lubman | Dirigent
Michael Struck-Schloen | Moderation

Georges Aperghis
Graffitis (1980)
für einen Schlagzeuger

Christophe Bertrand
Mana (2004–05)
für 75 Musiker
Deutsche Erstaufführung

Georges Aperghis Étude IV
aus: Études I–VI (2012–14)

Georges Aperghis Étude V
aus: Études I–VI (2012–14)

Georges Aperghis Étude VI
aus: Études I–VI (2012–14)

Georges Aperghis
Le Corps à corps (1978)
für einen Schlagzeuger und seine Zarb

Gerhard Stäbler
Den Müllfahrern von San Francisco (1990/2019)
Ein Akronym aus akustischen Erinnerungen an eine Reise für Orchester
Kompositionsauftrag des WDR

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The orchestra is a diverse and sensitive resonance space with the ability to reconstruct and connect acoustic memories – thus Gerhard Stäbler’s goal – but also serves personal studies and definitions, as Georges Aperghis viewed his Études, written for a large orchestra after a lengthy hiatus from composing symphonic music. In the case of Christophe Bertrand, the highly talented Frenchman who committed suicide in 2010, at the age of only 29, one cannot help hearing virtual spheres, guessing at the artistic dimensions which this gifted composer might have grown into, with more time. Bertrand’s Mana – effectively paced between two solos for a reciting percussionist – provides ample reason for extensive speculation.