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Basel Sinfonietta
Baldur Brönnimann | Dirigent
N.N. | Licht

Michael Jarrell
...Le ciel, tout à l'heure encore si limpide, soudain se trouble horriblement... (2009)
für Orchester

Georg Friedrich Haas
Joshua Tree (2020)
für Orchester
Kompositionsauftrag von der Kölner Philharmonie (KölnMusik) und Festival MUSICA Strasbourg


Harrison Birtwistle
Deep Time (2016)
für Orchester

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“Serenest was the weather of the sky, so fiercely sudden is it foully thick.” These lines from Lucretius’ didactic poem De rerum natura expresses the feeling of the unreal one often has at key moments in Michael Jarrell’s works. Lively activity suddenly gives way to low, calm sounds which appear to always have been there. Was that which went before only an illusion? Or are we, on the contrary, only now slipping into a dream?
“Deep time” is a term geologists use to describe the unimaginably slow process of erosion and sedimentation which shaped our earth. It was interrupted by seismic catastrophes, some of which catapulted the most ancient kinds of rock formations next to the youngest. “One time has discharged into the other,” says Harrison Birtwistle, who has sought out musical parallels for such phenomena in his orchestral piece.
Between Jarrell and Birtwistle, Georg Friedrich Haas’ work is appropriately placed. It is being written not in a study, but under an open sky, at the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, and thus it may combine the influences of meteorology, geology, weather and landscape.