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Lola Rubio | Violine
Moritz Baerens | Kontrabass
Jennifer Seubel | Flöte
Ramón Gardella | Schlagzeug

Christoph Stöber | Klavier
Sofia von Atzingen | Viola
Joaquín Sáez Belmonte | Saxophon

Uraufführung der ausgewählten Werke

Jonah Haven
great, another ditch (2019)
for speech-giving violinist, alto flute, percussion, and viola

Anahita Abbasi
The wind will carry us (2019)
for flute, percussion, piano, violin, viola, double bass

Duoni Liu
SAME same but different (2019)
for violin, viola, double bass and percussion


Preisvergabe durch Louwrens Langevoort und die Jury

Żaneta Rydzewska
after all (2017)
für Altsaxophon und Klavier

Pause gegen 18:45 | Ende gegen 19:30

Ort: Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal

Miroslav Srnka, Prof. für Komposition an der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln
Chaya Czernowin, Komponistin
Laura Hovestadt, Bratschistin im Kollektiv3:6Koeln
Werner Wittersheim, WDR

Das Konzert im Radio: Donnerstag, 04.06.2020, 20:04, WDR3 Konzert

Gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen


Kollektiv3:6Koeln – the ensemble presenting the best contributions to the 2020 ACHT BRÜCKEN Composition Competition may well be the only one of its kind: three of the nine members are “only” composers, and thus do not participate directly in the performances. However, they convey profound insights into all questions of contemporary composing to the six performers, whom they are in daily contact with. Violin, viola, double bass, flute, piano and percussion – this ensemble, or combinations of these instruments, was part of the prerequisites for submissions to the competition.

In addition, a piece for alto saxophone and piano will be performed in the final concert, outside the competition. It was written by Żaneta Rydzewska, the 2019 Bernd Alois Zimmermann Scholar of the City of Cologne, and bears the ambiguous title after all. It might raise the question which value the playing techniques, sounds and aesthetic notions of bygone times still have today. Regardless of the answer, however, young composers, performers and listeners move forward – after all: in spite of everything.