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Ensemble Musikfabrik

NDR Jugendsinfonieorchester
Stefan Geiger | Dirigent
Enno Poppe | Dirigent

James Tenney
Form 3 (1993) - in memoriam Stefan Wolpe
für variables Ensemble

Iannis Xenakis
Terretektorh (1966)
für 88 Musiker im Publikum verteilt

Chaya Czernowin
The Fabrication of Light (2019/20)
für Ensemble . Herstellung der Samples von Marie Carroll
Kompositionsauftrag von ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik für Köln und Ensemble Musikfabrik

Pause gegen 20:40 | Ende gegen 22:05

Das Konzert im Radio: Donnerstag, 14.05.2020, 20:04, WDR3 Konzert

Gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen


To describe his piece Terretektorh, which spreads 88 musicians among the audience – and also the listeners among the orchestra – Iannis Xenakis found clear images: each listener is on a mountaintop in a storm attacking him from all sides. Or in a fragile boat on the open sea. Or amidst a universe sprinkled with little sonic stars.

To James Tenney, each piece was like an adventure, a push towards new boundaries – and that is exactly where he follows a line of tradition, despite all his originality. The American avant-gardist frequently wrote homages to important precursors, including in his Form 3, which he dedicated to the composer Stefan Wolpe (1902-1974), a colleague who was as inclined to experimentation as he was universally interested.

Each work needs a title. Chaya Czernowin likes to determine hers before she even begins composing. Thus, it acts as a magnet for conscious or unconscious thoughts and feelings. What ideas may the title of her new piece, The Fabrication of Light, bring to the fore? The audience may look forward not only to new sounds, but also to an innovative spatial concept featuring three different constellations of musicians and audience.