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Slagwerk Den Haag
Lodewijk Bles | Schlagwerk
Jonathan Bonny | Schlagwerk
Ryoko Imai | Schlagwerk
Antoine Josselin | Schlagwerk
Enric Monfort | Schlagwerk
Fedor Teunisse | Schlagwerk

Lennard Schubert | Klangregie

Gérard Grisey
Le noir de l'étoile (1989–90)
für sechs Schlagzeuger, Tonband und zugespielte sonifizierte astronomische Signale

keine Pause | Ende gegen 21:00

Gefördert von der Kunststiftung NRW


With Le noir de l’étoile the French composer Gérard Grisey, who died an untimely death in 1998, entered into direct contact with the infinite realms of space. The frequencies of two pulsars, highly magnetized rotating neutron stars, dictate the metre, pre-recorded in six-channel surround-sound, and the six musicians of Slagwerk Den Haag lay their groove on top of this signal, entrancing the audience with a spectacular percussion performance at the Theater am Tanzbrunnen.
There is much open space in Grisey’s composition, interspersed with high-density sound clusters notated in the score in nearly all-black fields, which ultimately gave rise to the name of the piece. The musicians are stationed in different places within the theatre’s round, oriented towards the auditorium in the middle of the hall as if towards an earthly centre of gravity. Since it remains grounded by the cosmic metronome, however, the highly virtuosic piece becomes – literally – an extra-terrestrial experience.