Sarah Aristidou | Sopran
Holger Falk | Bariton
Romain Bischoff | Bariton
Geneviève Strosser | Viola
Christian Dierstein | Schlagzeug

SWR Vokalensemble

Bas Wiegers | Dirigent

Georges Aperghis
Die Hamletmaschine – Oratorio (1999–2000)
für drei Vokalsolisten, gemischten Chor, Viola solo, Schlagzeug solo und Ensemble. Text von Heiner Müller

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20:00 Uhr, Empore :

Gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes


Heiner Müller’s Hamletmaschine (Hamlet Machine) is a dramatic poem rather than a drama, highly concentrated and powerfully musical in its very language. A musical setting suggested itself – yet was hardly imaginable. The epochal play is replete with challenges. It points far beyond Shakespeare, referencing the fateful worlds of antiquity and their archetypal conflicts, and from there back to the society of the late GDR, and further, to the position of the hesitant artist, “sick with the pallor of thought”, in a complex, contradictory present. How to set such a characteristic and multi-faceted piece of literature to music? Georges Aperghis offers a convincing answer.