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Bochumer Symphoniker
Steven Sloane | Dirigent
Magdalena Klein | Dirigentin

Charles Ives / Johnny Reinhard
Universe Symphony (1915–28)
Bearbeitung für multiple Orchester (1993–96)

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Ort: Sartory Saal

Das Konzert im Radio: Donnerstag, 21.05.2020, 20:04, WDR3 Konzert

Gefördert von der Kunststiftung NRW

ACHT BRÜCKEN gemeinsam mit den Bochumer Symphonikern

Setting the entire world to music by symphonic means – this megalomaniac idea must have been in the air around the turn into the 20th century. In 1915 Charles Ives also fell under its spell: inspired by the philosophy of the American Transcendentalists, he planned nothing less than a musical portrait of Creation – from the prehistoric beginnings via the evolution of nature and humanity to its future elevation to purely spiritual spheres. For many years, he worked on this most ambitious project, yt did not live to complete it.

Thanks to Johnny Reinhard’s convincing performance version of 1996, however, we may still experience the work: its complex polyrhythms and microtone structures, coordinated by two conductors; its extraordinary, rather percussion-heavy instrumentation; the “earthen chords” of the basses and the majestic “pulse of the cosmos”. As the creator of a world, Ives may have been predestined to fail, but his Universe Symphony reveals him as a daring visionary and indefatigable experimenter.