Akiko Ahrendt | Violine
Dirk Rothbrust | Schlagzeug
Tim Hachen | Skater
Janosch Pugnaghi | Skater
Marcel Weber | Skater
Lea Letzel | Idee, Konzept, Regie

keine Pause | Ende gegen 18:45

Gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW


Skateboarders experience urban architecture in a special way. Doing so, they involuntarily transform different surface structures into sound and rhythm. Indoor skateboarding halls accentuate this musical aspect further, especially when the functional noises of the skaters’ tricks are combined with a percussion setup constructed specifically for the performance situation, and with a violin as an instrumental counterpart of the wooden ramps with their amplified resonance. The skaters’ park becomes stage, auditorium and instrument, all rolled into one.