30 SAT | APR Saturday, 30. apr 2016 Mein Programm


Submerged Bells

The sound sculpture »Submerged Bells« makes tones arise from gully covers and the grilles above wastewater canals


DITIB Sufi-Ensemble

In Sufi music, where breath, touch and percussion reign supreme and which is knitted into a perennial composition, feelings are transformed into sound and notes.

(opening night concert 1/6)


Galina Ustvolskaya: »The Prayer«

»My works are not religious, but they are definitely spiritual, because I have given my all: my soul, my heart.« (Galina Ustvolskaya)

(opening night concert 2/6)


Galina Ustvolskaya: »Our Father«

»I have my very own world and understand everything from my own perspective. I hear, see and act differently from all other people.« (Galina Ustvolskaya)

(opening night concert 3/6)


Galina Ustvolskaya: »Oktett«

»I live in the 20th century, in which we are surrounded by thousands of tendencies... In supplication, I give all my strength to my work; I have my works, my music, only mine!« (Galina Ustvolskaya)

(opening night concert 4/6)


Galina Ustvolskaya: Dies irae

»Every sound is charged with incredibly power. Almost every note: espressivo. That is what is so fascinating about Galina Ustvolskaya’s musical idiom: this strong tone never heard before, the absence of any compositional convention.« (Claus Spahn)

(opening night concert 5/6)


Ambient Night with »Civilization of Love«

Pop-Ambient sounds with Max Würden and the world premiere of a Meditation for piano, violin and organ by Lubomyr Melnyk

(opening night concert 6/6)

01 SUN | MAY Sunday, 01. may 2016 Mein Programm


Alfred Schnittke: Requiem

A work with contrasting stylistic elements ranging from Gregorian chant to aleatoric music


Kölner Kantorei sings Shakespeare

A musical expedition into the supernatural, sharing the hauntingly beautiful combination of renaissance poetry and contemporary music


Martín Palmeri: Misa a Buenos Aires

A mass setting by the Argentinean composer Martín Palmeri in the style of Tango Nuevo


Above Us, One Sky – Sound Worlds

A multi-cultural confession of faith of great musical variety and interdenominational concord


O Sacrum Convivium | O Mare Nostrum

The traditional Christian teachings of Thomas Aquinas are juxtaposed with texts by the theologian and women’s rights and peace activist Dorothee Sölle: a project promising great tension, both in terms of religious and music history


Now Comes the Dawn

A lament for the dead by British composer John Tavener and contrasting works featuring complex rhythmic systems by the Australian Brett Dean


Olivier Messiaen: La Transfiguration de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ

One of the most important, yet rarely performed large-scale works by the French composer Olivier Messiaen


Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra

Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra combine electronic music with psychedelic world music sounds, resulting in a new live experience