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Laura Totenhagen | voc
Felix Hauptmann | p
Stefan Schönegg | b
Leif Berger | dr

Aus dem Album: Yonic - Von kleinen Welten und großen Herzen

Ende gegen 23:30

Die ACHT BRÜCKEN Lounge wird ermöglicht durch den Spezialchemie-Konzern LANXESS.


Yonic is the title the Cologne-based singer Laura Totenhagen chose for the second album of her quartet, which simply bears her last name. The title is inspired by the tantric term yoni, a symbol of the female sex considered holy in India’s Hinduism. The four young musicians from Cologne, however, interpret this symbol as a “sound or source, origin or creation”.
The dualism inherent in this interpretation is also at the centre of the quartet’s repertoire. This time, the singer has mainly chosen texts by the Chinese poet Shu Ting, who was born in 1952, opening up new levels of meaning for these poems’ powerful, expressive metaphors of nature by adding further, non-verbal layers of meaning through her jazz music.
The music is stylistically diverse; it leaves room for the listener’s own interpretation, but often also points the way toward a certain understanding of the poems. Totenhagen’s versatile voice – her emotional timbre – bridges contrasts in its anticipatory interplay with the musicians of her quartet, but also emphasizes them, thereby offering new interpretational possibilities for Shu Ting’s poetry.