Alexander Schubert | Komponist
Jonathan Harth | Wissenschaftliche Beratung

Alexander Schubert im Gespräch mit Virtual-Reality Forscher Dr. phil. Jonathan Harth

Gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW

ACHT BRÜCKEN in Zusammenarbeit mit der DuMont Mediengruppe

A composer and a sociologist – what do they have to say to one another? A lot, presumably, if the focuses of their work are so closely related as in the case of Alexander Schubert and Jonathan Harth. Schubert studied not only composition, but also informatics and cognitive science. His »performative installation« entitled »Sleep Laboratory« will take visitors of the DuMont Kunsthalle into virtual reality between May 5 and 7, allowing them to delve into computer-assisted dream worlds and doubt their perception. Virtual Reality is also one of Harth’s areas of expertise. The sociologist, who teaches in Witten/Herdecke, studies the effects of new technical possibilities on our concepts of our selves and the world, with all the opportunities and risks they pose for our life as a society. What does it mean to be able to design new realities, free from material limitations? To live in other surroundings, other bodies, to assume other identities? VR is revolutionizing not just video games, but also architecture, chemistry, medicine and much more. What about the arts?