Valerij Lisac
Eine musiktheatrale Virtual-Reality-Installation
Lena Thelen, Ausstattung
Mit Rie Watanabe, Oxana Omelchuk, Florian Esch, Jimin Seo und Emanuel Tandler

Estimated end at 18:00


The laconic element in Beckett’s work, the pointed precision and self-referentiality with which he reduced theatre to its formal basic elements and turned it into its own subject, have inspired the musician, director and video artist Valerij Lisac to create an interactive installation. Lisac makes direct reference to Becketts »Play«, premiered in 1963. In this basically banal story of a menage à trois of two women and a man, only the heads can be seen, appearing like speaking automats, purely mechanical, as if on fast forward. »REPEAT PLAY!« transfers the extreme minimalism of the »Play« constellation to a musical setting including three improvising musicians and a dancer, adding the immersive component of the VR space. Some of the viewers experience the digital performances via headset in virtual reality. The experiences of the headset users in the VR world are projected and presented in real time for the other audience members, making them part of the installation and contributing significantly to its unfolding. Re:Play in real time.