Mount Meander
Lucas Leidinger | p
Karlis Auzins | sax
Tomo Jacobson | b
Thomas Sauerborn | dr

touchdown or the two faces of the cosmic wizard

Ende gegen 20:30

Die ACHT BRÜCKEN Lounge wird ermöglicht durch den Spezialchemie-Konzern LANXESS.


Starting in 2014, the percussionist Thomas Sauerborn from Cologne spent two years studying at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. There he met the Latvian saxophone player Kārlis Auziņš and the Polish bass player Tomo Jacobson. Together with pianist Lucas Leidinger, also from Cologne, the four of them decided to keep playing together as the quartet Mount Meander.

Theirs was to be freely improvised music, free especially in its attitude toward the thematic, harmonic, rhythmic material, stylistically open and diverse. The structure and form of the music were to develop ad hoc from the anticipated collaboration between the four musicians – not only that one idea was to follow another, but one idea was to offer the impulse for the process shaping the music itself. The concept works: the voices of Auziņš’ saxophone, Leidinger’s piano, Jacobson’s bass and even Sauerborn’s drums often intensify into compact sound clusters which begin to pulsate, only to explode and disappear suddenly, thereby setting in motion other processes.