Aida Shirazi | Live-Elektronik
Trio Gabbeh
Golnar Shahyar | Stimme
Mona Matbou Riahi | clarinet
Manu Mayr | double bass

mit Werken vom Trio Gabbeh und einem Live-Set von Aida Shirazi

Estimated end at 18:15

Das Konzert wird vom WDR für den Hörfunk aufgezeichnet und kann am 7. Mai im Radio und anschließend für 30 Tage auf nachgehört werden.

Entwickelt gemeinsam mit Outernational


What is classical and traditional music, what is contemporary? Where are the historical and cultural boundaries, the stylistic and genre boundaries? And how permeable are they? In her Outernational project with Trio Gabbeh, the composer and electronic artist Aida Shirazi subjects elements she has composed to a joint improvisational interpretation – trans-traditional, transcultural, and most importantly incorporating the personal background of the musicians involved. The gabbeh is a version of the Persian carpet traditionally made by female nomads. Its abstract, geometrical patterns do not follow fixed rules, but develop individually from the moods of its creators. Trio Gabbeh is inspired by the same concept: it takes threads and weaves them together, creating a multi-voiced network of remembered fragments of Persian children’s songs, travelogues, lifelines and their echoes within the Viennese diaspora.