Rainer Homann | speaker
Elias Reichert | Sprecher
Konny Chen | Flöte
Evelin Degen | Flöte
Joachim Striepens | Klarinette
Kalina Kolarova | Violine
Pauline Buss | Viola
Burkart Zeller | Violoncello
Eberhard Maldfeld | Kontrabass
Michael Pattmann | Schlagzeug
Martin von der Heydt | Klavier
Christoph Maria Wagner | Dirigent
Valerij Lisac | Szenische Einrichtung

Helena Cánovas i Parés
devising it all for company (2022–23)
für Ensemble
Kompositionsauftrag von ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik für Köln, gefördert durch das Institut Ramon Llull

Samuel Beckett, Morton Feldman
Words and Music (1961/87)
Live-Hörspiel von Samuel Beckett für zwei Sprecher. Mit Musik von Morton Feldman für Kammerensemble. Text in deutscher Übertragung von Elmar Tophoven

No intermission | Estimated end at 16:30

​Supported by Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen


Samuel Beckett could not stand musical settings of his texts. However, in his experimental radio play »Words and Music« of 1961, next to a speaking character called »Words« (aka Joe), there is one called »Music« (aka Bob), who only utters wordless sounds. In order to bring him to life, the author needed a composer as a partner. For a new production in 1987, Beckett himself suggested Morton Feldman, possibly because he saw parallels between his own working method and that of the American, who was known for subtle variations and new combinations of highly reduced material. »It was a huge amount of fun to do something for Beckett,« Feldman declared, »a sort of tribute to him, i.e. someone who has been part of my life since the 1950s.« The programme of the E-MEX-Ensemble is rounded out with a new work by the Catalan composer Helena Cánovas i Parés, which also refers to a Beckett text, the 1979 novella »Company«.