ensemble mosaik
Simon Strasser | Oboe
Nathan Plante | Trompete
Chatschatur Kanajan | Violine
Sarah Saviet | Violine
Mathis Mayr | Violoncello
Niklas Seidl | Violoncello
Caleb Salgado | Kontrabass
Ernst Surberg | Klavier
als Gast:
Marco Blaauw | Trompete

Rebecca Saunders
Myriad III – Konzertinstallation (2017/2022)
Gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW/Mauricio-Kagel-Musikpreis 2015

Eine konzertante Collage von Rebecca Saunders mit den Werken:

Martin Rein-Cano / Topotek 1, Rebecca Saunders
Myriad – Klanginstallation (2015)
für 2464 Spieluhren

Rebecca Saunders
fury (2005)
für Kontrabass solo

Rebecca Saunders
blaauw (2004)
für Doppeltrichtertrompete Solo

Rebecca Saunders
Neither (2011)
für Doppeltrichtertrompeten Duo

Rebecca Saunders
to an utterance - Study (2020)
für Klavier solo

Rebecca Saunders
Hauch Duo (2018/2022)
für Violine

Rebecca Saunders
to and fro (2010)
für Violine und Oboe

Rebecca Saunders
Solitude (2013/2022)
Solo für zwei Violoncello

Supported by Kunststiftung NRW


Rebecca Saunders envelops the performers of no less than seven different compositions within a billowing acoustic ambiance. They do not simply play for an audience which provides only occasional and easily ignored disturbing noises, such as the shuffling of feet and unsuccessfully suppressed coughing. Here, up to 2,464 music boxes can be put in motion. A concert installation within a concert installation. Notes are projected into the space, melodic loops superimposing, whirling and merging in polyphonic webs of sound. At any given point, there may only be a fragile cloud of the metallic clanging of song fragments, then this may be supplanted by manifest clusters. A sonic mist, intensifying and lightening at irregular intervals, into which the performers draw contours like tracers in fog. The pieces form a collage with the surrounding sound of the space, they interfere, interact, compete… Do they merge in it? Are they drowned by it? That depends on your standpoint, within time and space.