Sandra Klinkhammer | vocals
Flo's Flow
Florian Esch | trumpet, vocals
Norman Peplow | keyboard
Dominik Ehrl | bass
Philipp Zdebel | drums
Rie Miyama Watanabe | percussion
Oxana Omelchuk | synthesizer

Live Set feat. Sandra, Rie & Oxi

Estimated end at 23:30


Flo’s Flow brings together Florian Esch, Norman Peplow, Dominik Ehrl and Philipp Zdebel, four musicians whose love for their own instrument shapes their band’s purist sound. Influenced by funk and trip-hop, a clear trumpet sound, deep basses, groovy drums and delicately communicating keys result in a relaxed, occasionally minimalist kind of jazz, whose harmonies are reminiscent of impressionist sounds. Not too much, not too little, not too slow, but never too fast – always in the flow.

The musicians of Flo’s Flow loosely tap into the VR installation REPEAT PLAY! by performing at ACHT BRÜCKEN not only with vocalist Sandra Klinkhammer, but also with percussionists Rie Watanabe and Oxana Omelchuk, the latter playing synthesizer in this context – stylistically, this may not be an obvious choice, but it promises an intriguing joint set.