Silvia Dierkes zeichnet live zu Katharina Rosenbergers "blur" (Bandeinspielung)

ACHT BRÜCKEN Lunch wird ermöglicht durch Otto Fuchs Schüco.

ACHT BRÜCKEN in Kooperation mit der Stadtbibliothek Köln

"Harsh lights, neon advertising in all kinds of colours, blurring in the distance, then they are past. They all flicker and tremble on the rippling waves, only the moon is notably still. Red – yellow – green, the play of traffic lights, otherwise only blank noise." A nocturnal taxi ride through New York becomes a synaesthetic tour of sensory stimuli. And the source of inspiration for blur, an ensemble piece by Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger. Finding images for this music, in turn, is a task Silvia Dierkes has set herself. The portfolio of this freelance communication designer living in Duisburg includes live drawing on stage and a "portrait automat" for private and corporate events: like a passport photo booth, this "machine" produces portraits in minutes – but lovingly drawn by the artist, who is concealed behind the scenes. Dierkes caused a splash on the comics scene with her debut, 1974 – a graphic tale of gender roles in an average German household in the year 1974.