FRAUKE BERGER | Zeichnerin

Frauke Berger zeichnet live zu Bernd Richard Deutschs "Dr. Futurity" (Bandeinspielung)

Im Anschluss greifen die Besucher selbst zu ihren mitgebrachten Stiften und können unter Anleitung eine weitere Szene des gleichnamigen Romans von Philipp K. Dick als Comic zeichnen.

Ende gegen 17:00

ACHT BRÜCKEN Lunch wird ermöglicht durch Otto Fuchs Schüco

ACHT BRÜCKEN in Kooperation mit Zentralbibliothek Köln

Art inspires art which inspires art – crossing any genre boundaries. The beginning of the chain, in this case, is Philip K. Dick. The American author is considered a pioneer of high-class science fiction; his ideas have underpinned movies such as Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report. A few years ago, Dick’s fantastical short story Dr. Futurity inspired Bernd Richard Deutsch to write his eponymous ensemble piece. Its three movements are entitled … trip – from Mars to here, Chimaera and Red Alert!, and the draftswoman Frauke Berger now delves into their fantasy worlds. Asked about her stylistic role models, she cites Japanese manga, the comics legend Moebius and a pronounced interest in science, insects and mechanical devices. Fans of comics first noticed her when she published her two-volume graphic novel Grün (Green) – a galactic ecological parable making clever use of the genre’s archetypes and set pieces, from cyberpunk to the zombie apocalypse.