Eva Zöllner | Akkordeon
Heather Roche | Klarinette

Farzia Fallah
the expanded moments of being (2018/19)
für Bassklarinette und Akkordeon

Christopher Fox
On Tranquility (2019)
für Klarinette, Akkordeon und Zuspielung DEA
Deutsche Erstaufführung

Rachel Beja
Petrichor (2019)
für Bassklarinette und Akkordeon DEA

Patricia Martínez
out of sight (2018)
für Klarinette und Akkordeon DEA
Deutsche Erstaufführung

Johann Svensson
double dubbing (firefly song) (2020)
für Klarinette & Akkordeon und 16 Piezo-Buzzer DEA

Elnaz Seyedi
Nach neuen Meeren (2018)
für Klarinette und Akkordeon

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Eva Zöllner, a specialist in contemporary accordion music, travels the world with her instrument – as does clarinettist Heather Roche, praised by colleagues and the press as the “Queen of Multiphonics”. Together, the two explore new sonic worlds, but the duo’s current programme contains at least two titles referring to an even greater world: On Tranquillity alludes to the “Mare Tranquillitatis”, the plain where Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. Christopher Fox integrated audio material of the first Apollo moon landing on July 20, 1969 into his composition. Elnaz Seyedi, on the other hand, found her work title Nach neuen Meeren (To New Seas) in Friedrich Nietzsche’s writings. His poem about Christopher Columbus might serve as a motto not only for intellectual departures, but also for expeditions into space: “Alles glänzt mir neu und neuer, / Mittag schläft auf Raum und Zeit –: / Nur dein Auge – ungeheuer / Blickt mich’s an, Unendlichkeit!” (Everything glints, new and newer, / Noon sleeps upon space and time –: / Only your eye – terrifying / Looks at me, Infinity!)