Nicola Benedetti | Violine
WDR Rundfunkchor
Nicolas Fink | Einstudierung
WDR Sinfonieorchester
Cristian Măcelaru | Dirigent
Martin Zingsheim | Moderation

György Ligeti
Clocks and Clouds (1972–73)
für 12-stimmigen Frauenchor und Orchester

Claude Vivier
Orion (1979)
für Orchester

György Ligeti
Atmosphères (1961)
für großes Orchester


Mark Simpson
Violin Concerto (2020–21)
für Violine und Orchester
Kompositionsauftrag des WDR, London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra und Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Deutsche Erstaufführung

Das Konzert wird von WDR 3 live übertragen und kann im Anschluss für 30 Tage auf nachgehört werden.

Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Composing in times of the pandemic: Mark Simpson’s uncommonly colour-intense Violin Concerto for Nicola Benedetti is marked by its genesis. The opening lament was inspired by it, but also the tarantella finale with its wild discharge of the energies pent up during the lockdowns. Claude Vivier, in turn, invented sounds that might seem even more foreign. His music is reminiscent of folklore from an imaginary Asian country, or even – as the title »Orion« suggests – another planet. Meanwhile, György Ligeti’s »Atmosphères« might be describing an image of different-coloured clouds: while inward movement is hardly discernible, as a whole they shift shapes, intermingling, mixing, discolouring. »Clocks and Clouds«, on the other hand, is about transitions between such sound clouds and precisely ticking rhythms, between complex mechanics and a dreamlike-fantastical quality.