Maria Trautmann | Erzählerin
Maika Küster | vocals

Nach der Geschichte von Michael Ende
für Kinder ab 8 Jahren

Estimated end at 15:35


»What Momo could do like no one else was listening«. In this sentence, Michael Ende’s timeless fairy-tale novel and this year’s festival motto converge. Concentrated listening is an art form, heightened perception which captures the deeper meaning even in what seems banal and rushes past us in everyday life. The trombonist Maria Trautmann and the vocalist Maika Küster, both very successful jazz musicians, have adapted the story of Ende’s novel for storytelling theatre. This requires neither a large stage or an ensemble: a narrator, a voice, noises and a few everyday items are enough to illustrate Momo’s adventure in her struggle against the grey thieves of time. Ultimately, the story lives »in our own imagination,« the two performers promise, »if you listen carefully…«