Janning Trumann | tb
Christian Lorenzen | piano, synth
Oliver Lutz | kb, synth-b
David Helm | kb
Thomas Sauerborn | dr
Fabian Arends | dr

keine Pause | Ende gegen 18:00


Originally, the sextet MAKKRO, founded in 2012, pursued a purely analogous path: two double bass players, two percussionists, a pianist and a trombonist. Early on, this unusual combination of instruments gave rise to a change in the performers’ thinking. In order to reinforce the drive and attack of the two-person rhythm group and intensify the interferences between trombone and piano, electronic equipment – analogous and digital synthesizers, for example – were added to the mix. In its programme MetaMorphosis, the sextet does its own concept justice: through the flow of their interaction, the musicians transform various aggregate states of free improvisation, current jazz and progressive rock music into complex sound hybrids of various consistencies.