MARTIN RUCH | Sound engineer

Longing for belonging

Die ACHT BRÜCKEN Lounge wird ermöglicht durch den Spezialchemie-Konzern LANXESS.


Copenhagen is a hub: from all over Europe, talented young jazz musicians flock to the Danish capital to study at the renowned Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium.
The students are polyglot, bringing their musical and cultural background from home – exchange, communication and transfer are central to the students’ lives.
The young vocalist Zola Mennenöh also moved from Berlin to Copenhagen and from there to Oslo, where vocal artist Sidsel Endresen became her mentor. Endresen not only taught her the art of an improvising vocalist, but also showed her how to experiment phonetically in order to find her own expression. With her quartet, which simply bears her first name, Zola, Mennenöh follows her own path. Reduction is her means of choice; simple songs offer form and structure. The full, resonating tone of the viola da gamba streaks through piano arpeggios and slightly oscillating drums. Mennenöh’s clear contralto soars above it all, revealing the message of her lyrics in sparse syllables and words – very softly, gently, calmly and with a melancholy air.