Thea Soti | voc, effects
Anthony Greminger | drums, effects
Rebekka Salomea | voc, effects

feat. |
Sebastian Gille | sax
Leif Berger | dr

Der Mindestverzehr beträgt 5 Euro.

Die ACHT BRÜCKEN Lounge wird ermöglicht durch den Spezialchemie-Konzern LANXESS.


In 2017 a new musicians’ collective formed in Cologne: theLAB. The goal of the three collectivists Thea Soti, Rebekka Salomea and Anthony Greminger is to find the aesthetic vibes of music in metropolises and create connecting points in order to arrive at new and surprising contexts. The name theLAB is to be taken literally: as a laboratory in which the three protagonists carefully arrange their experiments, studying the effects of different ingredients. In the end, the goal is to analyze the results and discuss them in public, so to speak – in concerts, performances and also in exchange with other musicians and initiatives. The project LAB.CALLING is a perfect example of this collective approach. Soti, Salomea and Greminger lay down an oscillating yet steady foundation of free improvisation, musical avant-garde, HipHop, pop and electronic music, offering the tenor saxophone player Sebastian Gille and the drummer Leif Berger a landing stage and launch-pad. Only within the flow of their joint music-making are sounds shaped and rhythmic patterns transformed into grooves, while individual lines amalgamate in ever-new clusters of sound.