Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith | Elektronik
Leo Betzl Trio
Leo Betzl | piano
Maximilian Hirning | double bass
Sebastian Wolfgruber | drums

Leo Betzl Trio: MAKE KIN


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Let's Turn It Into Sound

Intermission at 20:50 | Estimated end at 22:00


To Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, music is a holistic experience, inextricably linked to her own body. The centre of attention is her voice. From vocal melodies, the composer (b. 1987) develops ideas for her complex, layered song structures; vocal recordings provide the material she forms into a visceral music combining human and machine, using her favoured instrument, the Buchla Easel. This legendary synthesizer, developed during the 1960s by Don Buchla in competition to the Moog Synthie, which is far more well-known today, also dominates Smith’s current album »Let’s Turn It Into Sound« with its modular architecture. The colourful, varied music resulting from this working method owes as much to Minimal Music pioneers such as Terry Riley and Steve Reich as to the avant-garde pop of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, for example. The Leo Betzl Trio celebrates a comparably cool kind of music with its acoustic Techno – which still sends sparks flying.