Rei Nakamura | Klavier

John Cage
Etudes Australes (1974–75)
für Klavier


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Arguably, there is no composer whose work is more open to metaphorical, astrophysical analogies than John Cage. His work includes the entire universe of sound, from the smallest to the greatest, from the acoustic vacuum in 4:33, where he manages to still find spontaneous fluctuations of sound in a compositional blank space, to the limits of time in his organ work ORGAN2/ASLSP, which can currently be heard in Halberstadt in a performance lasting 639 years.

Cage’s Etudes Australes advance far into space, to the depths of the universe, and manage to do so in a highly manifest and bafflingly direct manner. The score is based on maps from a celestial atlas. The positions of the constellations determine the image of the notation. Musically, the individual voices do not have any rhythmic, melodic or harmonic relations. It is an extraordinary challenge for the listener, but far more so for the young pianist Rei Nakamura, of whom the piece demands total independence in the movement of her two hands.