KAROLINA PREUSCHL | Performance, Puppenspiel
ROBERT SLIVOVSKY | Stimme, Performance
DANIEL RIEGLER-BEER | Musikalische Leitung, Posaune, Theremin, Toypercussion, Stimme
MICHAEL TIEFENBACHER | Rhodes, Synth, Melodika, Toypercussion, Stimme
RAPHAEL MEINHART | Schlagwerk, Toypercussion, Stimme
CONSTANTIN HERZOG | Kontrabass, E-Bass, Toypercussion, Stimme
HUBERT BRÜNDLMAYER | Schlagzeug, Toypercussion, Stimme

How is your bird?
Zappa für kleine und große Anarchos
mit Musik von Frank Zappa, Edgar Varèse, Anton Webern und Eric Dolphy

keine Pause | Ende gegen 12:00

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia


For a third time during ACHT BRÜCKEN 2021, Studio Dan dedicates itself to the phenomenon of Frank Zappa. A programme for "anarchists old and young" is promised in the subtitle, for children and adults. This, however, will not be a concert in the conventional sense, but more of an open work of musical theatre. Zappa’s music provides the red thread, flanked by pieces by Eric Dolphy, Edgar Varèse and Anton Webern. The action surrounding them is on the chaotic side, a spectacle without boundaries reaching far beyond the music. The ensemble is perfectly equipped for this venture: musicians and performance artists, video artists and puppeteers, singers, writers and actors – whoever is required is on board. The objects on stage will be incorporated into the staging, acquiring alternate functions and meanings. Nothing is fixed, everything remains in flux, subject to continuous transformation and development. What counts is imagination, creative transgression. What better way to prepare children – including the grown-up kind – for life?