TAMARA LUKASHEVA | Gesang, Komposition


Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Acht Brücken

Once again, this encounter is likely to lead to violent eruptions. The Subway Jazz Orchestra meets the Ukrainian vocalist Tamara Lukasheva at the Stadtgarten. 19 musical heavyweights, divided into a rhythm, brass and reed section, as well as string players – together with this singer, they all form a super-massive powerhouse which no one within hearing range will be able to escape. A turbulence of free musical radicals, a highly reactive primordial soup of elementary sound atoms, any imaginable sonic particles which vocal chords, reeds, brass and drum skins can endow with the necessary sonic force. Even within the softest notes, irrepressible atomic forces are active, adding up to eruptive chain reactions: from linear, lyrical solos to compact, forceful big band arrangements enriched by vibrant themes and core motifs, resulting in ever-changing formations. Such is permanent evolution.