Kai Wessel | Countertenor
Sängerinnen und Sänger aller Altersgruppen aus der Region Köln
Marcel Sijm | Konzeption
Niels Vermeulen | Komponist
Jappe Groenendijk | Dramaturgische Beratung

Marcel Sijm, Niels Vermeulen
Erinneränderungen (2020-22)
Performance für gemischte Stimmen und Elektronik

Ende gegen 17:20

ACHT BRÜCKEN in Kooperation mit Museum Ludwig

The participatory project »Erinnänderungen« by the Dutch director Marcel Sijm and the musician and composer Niels Vermeulen plays with the workings of human memory and the phenomenon of falsified memories: every time we remember, we create a colourful mosaic of the past consisting of fragments of memory, most of which are felt to be true, but often cannot be traced back to events experienced in reality. The project playfully examines and creatively processes the effects of this phenomenon, especially regarding the perception of music. Citizens of Cologne of all ages were able to apply; approximately 60 participants will take part in workshops to prepare for their performance at the Museum Ludwig and the foyer of the Cologne Philharmonie.