Experimentalfilm für 8 Stimmen mit | ohne Verstärkung, Elektronik, Klarinette und Posaune

Timo Kreuser, Konzept und künstlerische Leitung

Musik von Vinko Globokar, SAT Stoicismo, SCH und Ivo Malec

Adnan Softic, Regie

Alice Hamann, Licht

Ende gegen 19:15

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation


"Država" – in the Southern Slavic languages, the word is an approximation of "state". It might be associated with the failed commonality of Yugoslavia, or, as the Berlin-based vocal collective PHØNIX16 does, with a "composed sound action of dimensions required to found a state". A federal people’s republic of the arts, existing temporarily instead of territorially – namely as soon and as long as its members proclaim it through artistic expression. Within this utopian, borderless construct, works of the genres industrial, noise, film and comic art – some of them from former Yugoslavia – can be experienced: compositions for instruments and electronics, but arranged for human voices and reworked by means of sound filters, experimental microphone setups and many other techniques. As the people’s republic’s manifesto states: "All arts are created equal. Expression cannot be realistic, it is real. There are no mistakes."