SIMON HÖFELE | trumpet

Matthias Pintscher
celestial object I
für Trompete und Ensemble
aus: sonic eclipse

Matthias Krüger
craving your kiss
für großes Ensemble
Kompositionsauftrag von ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik für Köln und dem Deutschen Musikrat

Teoniki Rożynek
für Ensemble
Kompositionsauftrag vom Warschauer Herbst


Tristan Murail
Le Lac
für Ensemble

Gefördert von der Kunststiftung NRW

ACHT BRÜCKEN gemeinsam mit den Förderprojekten Zeitgenössische Musik des Deutschen Musikrats und dem Warschauer Herbst

Celestial bodies with totally different conditions than our planet might be a symbol for the sonic worlds of contemporary music: they might be unfamiliar, but they follow an inner logic. In his three-part cycle sonic eclipse, Matthias Pintscher pushes two such objects towards each other until they eclipse one another. We, however, will hear the unobscured celestial object I, in which a solo trumpet dominates with an exotic, beautiful sound.
This is followed by two new compositions, including one by Matthias Krüger, who was the Bernd Alois Zimmermann Scholar of the City of Cologne in 2015. And then, another journey into cosmical worlds: Tristan Murail may have called his composition Le Lac, The Lake. However, the body of water whose seasonal changes he observed near his house north of New York served him as a “modest symbol of the universe”. Murail is not out for natural idylls, but is interested in the “interplay between durability and volatility” as well as “the order and simplicity which nestles against the breast of chaos and complexity”.