Hanna Schörken | vocals, effects
Constantin Krahmer | keyboards, synthesizer
Bernd Oezsevim | drums, percussion
Ignaz Schick | turntables, sampler, effects

Ampai:re feat. Ignaz Schick

Estimated end at 23:15


Sound emanating from the eternity of nothingness. This sound expands, manifesting, entering into organic and inorganic compounds. A voice, the crackling of a turntable, electronics, percussion. The drums want to consolidate into a groove, but the voice holds them back.

Ampair:e consists of the vocal artist Hanna Schörken, the pianist and synth player Constantin Krahmer, drummer Bernd Oezseyim and – as a guest – the sound artist Ignaz Schick. They all come from different movements within improvised music – as a collective, they have the courage to define themselves through their contrasts, not their commonalities. And that is the only thing that can be defined here, for anything is possible, nothing can be excluded. You can hear this music as jazz, free improvisation, trance, electronic or electroacoustic music, or as krautrock.