Music detectives

For elementary school classes (grades 1-4)

MUSIC DETECTIVES The project »Music Detectives« invites secondary school students to embark upon a journey of discovery into a new world of sound, guided by the music pedagogue Ortrud Kegel: in two workshops, they have the opportunity to explore the world of sound colours, to sharpen their ears for unusual sounds and develop a sensibility for the production of sounds with different materials. This gives them the perfect tools to recognize familiar and unfamiliar sounds in concert and draw parallels between pieces.

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Abracalala – An Ingeniously Clever Musical Journey

Melodiese und die Märchenmugger

28. April 15:00 Bürgerhaus Kalk29. April 15:00 Bürgerzentrum Engelshof e.V.4. Mai 16:00 Bürgerzentrum Nippes5. Mai 16:00 Bürgerzentrum Chorweiler6. Mai 11:00 Comedia 7. Mai 11:00 Eltzhof
Abrakalalla ©KölnMusik/Kuppert

Response 2018

Compositions by Students

7. May 18:00 Comedia
Response ©Sonja Werner

Listen up!

School concert with the Gürzenichorchester Köln

4. Mai 9:30 Kölner Philharmonie


A school dance project

8. Mai 12:30 Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln