The festival 2017

EIGHT BRIDGES | Music for Cologne

EIGHT BRIDGES | Music for Cologne has taken place at the beginning of May every year since 2011 with contemporary music at the heart of its programme. Each year it focuses on a different theme, inviting festival-goers to explore the music of our age and thrilling them with new sounds that they might not otherwise experience.
In 2017 EIGHT BRIDGES takes place from April 28 to May 7. Having chosen the motto »Ton. Satz. Laut.« (»Tone. Setting. Sound.«), it is dedicated to the relationship between music and language. Not only scientists, but philosophers and artists too have always been fascinated and inspired by the interplay of music and language. The commonalities between the fields is obvious: both combine individual tones and sounds according to certain rules. There is a melody of language just as there is a musical grammar, and not least – transcending all cultural borders – there is music as a universal language of humanity. The 2017 festival focuses on the oeuvre of the South Korean composer Unsuk Chin. Stars of the international Hip-Hop scene will present their very own combination of music and language.

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